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2020 Theory is a three-stage approach to changing the world. The genesis is that year 2020 was the moment when machines got “smart,” and we now have the choice to teach them to perpetuate human kindness, moderation, and symbiosis with nature; or instead to teach them to make material excess a priority.

2020 Theory begins with four basic assumptions:

  1. Humanity is on a path of self-destruction but it’s not too late to course correct.

  2. The human drive to innovate and progress should not and cannot be stopped, it can only be stalled.

  3. There will always be extreme views for and against any new idea. We must carefully embrace new ideas but find a compromise to allow opposing forces to tug and pull in balance.

  4. Most humans must undergo stages of experiential failure in order to accept that actionable change is necessary. So, we cannot skip pain and failure as a society, but we can plan for it, mitigate, and safeguard the desired results. 

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Altering individual behaviors.

Building new institutional constructs.

Refine with gamification.

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