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Refine with gamification.

Stage Three could begin before year 2050, but after planetary resources are fully measured, managed and sustainable for all life on Earth.

The objective is to examine what we’ve learned from the massive transformations that have taken place during Stages One and Two, then streamline with “first principles thinking.” The focus is on reducing complexities and maximizing resource regeneration (such as mastering zero-point energy).

At this stage, every person will have their basic needs met and environmental adversities will be under control. Global debts between nations will become a “sunk cost” and will only weigh down human progress. Economics and politics will be so intertwined and interdependent across the globe that human progress becomes a shared effort. Financial debts and business proprietary rights become a thing of the past. Every business tool and method is open sourced in order to achieve the most efficient and highest quality products and services for every human. Banks will become artificial intelligence hubs, storing data and managing energy distribution.

Money and property will no longer be top of mind, but there will be new issues to contend with. There will be too much dependence on technology, and we must quickly scale back where possible. Transhumanism will cause a rift in society. People will live longer, happier and healthier lives; but we must consider what are the consequences if we “cure” aging?

Overall, life on Earth will be better than ever in Stage Three. Everyone in the world will be invited to take part in an experiential gamified method to create the future to get input from multiple experiences, and “multiple intelligences.” A set of Artificial General Intelligence machines will aggregate the data from the human input to help define and augment a new social contract as the foundation for the new societal constructs that maintain global peace and balance. Ideas from the mainstream, to the regressive, to the progressive, all the way to the fringe will be important in refining the path forward. This is the end of the Anthropocene Epoch as we transition to a Civilization Type One (CT1).

Entertainment will rule many people’s lives and the ethics of various new forms of entertainment will often be challenged. A key component of Stage Three will be an existential threat of World War between all “good” A.I. and all “bad” A.I. Humanity as a whole must join forces and band together against a common enemy in order to survive.

Near the end of Stage Three, prior to CT1, we will be systematizing the ethical policies, politics and economics of two imminent evolutions: the advancement of artificial super intelligence, and also terraforming other planets.

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