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Choose a Construct from the GLOBAL PILLARS OF CHANGE below. Then select one Tool and one Objective to transform the Construct you chose. You can now use 2020 Theory methods to determine your personal capability to effect the change you want to see. 

Use the list below to consider the INDIVIDUAL RESOURCES you possess to take action. Let the 2020 THEORY TENETS be your guide. Be conscious and cautious of OBSTACLES in your path.  And, never lose sight of the 2020 THEORY GOALS. 

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Constructs - Operational resources & institutions changing methods. 

  1. Community (and individuals), 

  2. Businesses, 

  3. Governments

Tools - Exponential power of transformative technologies accelerating. 

  1. Automation & Artificial Intelligence (RPAs & A.I.s), 

  2. Other Emerging Technologies (EmTech),

  3. Globalization

Objectives - Desired goals, responsibilities & purpose are becoming clear. 

  1. Economics revised, 

  2. Environment healthier, 

  3. Society happier


  • Time: Outsource and understand value of your time. 

  • Abundance Planning: Meditation, Design thinking, Systems thinking, Exponential thinking, Making, Governing the Commons, Reframing, and Storytelling.

  • Experiential Learning: Kinesthetic, video, and audio methods. Learning how to learn all life long, as well as compassion, focus/presence and emotional intelligence.

  • Technology: Internet, online reviews and feedback, 3D printing, A.I., etc.

  • Network (local and global): Collaboration; and forming new and diverse relationships.

  • Money: Natural capital, social capital, cryptotokens, alternate currencies, NFTs, and general consumer spending power. 


  • Perception: Perception is everything. All humans are connected. Challenge preconceptions. Stop and look around. Are you in the right spot, or is it time to course correct? Wake up and see with 20/20 clarity.

  • Lifestyle: Evolve. Practice common sense, and don’t act on feelings of fear, revenge and greed. Search for a new path. Don’t follow the trodden trail of those before you. You are a Superbeing compared to all other humans in history. We’re capable of so much more.

  • Work: Harness the innovative energy around you. Be innovative and open to new ideas. Be open to uncomfortable ideas...use the momentum of innovation to your advantage. 

  • Finances: Follow the time. Wealth is time, not things. Be stealthy wealthy: consume less, live less, play more.

  • Surroundings: Goodness exponentiates. Embrace change and seek opportunities to help others. Take time to help the Earth and also other humans along the way. It will make your journey better.

  • Citizenship: Light the way. Be vulnerable and speak out. Behave in a way that aligns with your values. 


  • Preconceptions: Old school concepts die hard, and misinformation sharing is rampant. What beliefs have your parents, teachers, or community held true that may need reconsidering?

  • Primal instincts: Fear, revenge and greed are often unsubstantiated in a world with so much abundance. Your life has greater purpose when you respect others and contribute to the greater good. Where is there an opportunity in your life to develop your 6th sense...common sense?

  • Work ethic meaning of life: You’re taught to study hard then strive for a lucrative career, so that one day you can retire and live out the end of your days however you choose. Is your true purpose in life to make as much money as possible? If you had more personal time to flex your “creativity muscles,” what would you attempt to do? 

  • Blindness to marketing tactics: The root of many financial problems boils down to excessive advertising. What would the world look like in the absence of advertising?

  • Resisting change: Should we resist new technologies if they threaten a human job sector? Historically, there is no stopping progress, only stalling it. Should humans even be working in a job that is so mundane that a software or robot could do it better? 

  • Feelings of powerlessness: Your weakness is in your head. In order to grow and learn, we must be ourselves and we must make mistakes, fail, and press on. Vulnerability is opportunity. An invitation to reach a new level of confidence. What is a situation where you have felt vulnerable? If you are respectful of others, then what is the worst thing that will happen if you speak and live your truth? 


  • Health: More time for healthy activities. Less manipulation of your time and psyche. Higher priority of physical, mental, spiritual and/or emotional exercise. And healthier environment. 

  • Happiness: Helping others. More common sense. Simplicity (reduced clutter/waste & time wastes). Daily gratitude. More truth recognized and expressed. And fewer worries.

  • Community & Family Connections: Tighter-knit community and family. Time to be in the moment with those who matter most to you (in person). And collaborate with others, be inclusive and network with diverse groups. 

  • Guaranteed Basic Needs: Not because everyone deserves it, but because we can. For the first time in history, we have the tools to make this happen, and end much suffering, while opening the door to more opportunity. Social Capital incentives to volunteer more. Shift your focus from survival to self-actualization. Clarity and more mental bandwidth. And less suffering in the world. 

  • Safety: Human rights protected and more widely accepted as rights of each human on Earth. Reduced threat of crime (cyber/physical/other), terrorism, and natural disasters. Better insulation from those same potential threats. Technologies built ethically (especially A.I.). And better platforms to give feedback. 

  • Achievement: Flexible work schedule. Spend more time on a passion. Cultural values directed away from accumulation of money and things. Identify, share and monetize your talents. Time, resources and opportunity to be creative/innovative. Time, resources and opportunity to learn new things. Time, resources and opportunity to exchange talents. 

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