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"The Alpha Bet, A Simple Guide to Save a Complex World" 










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About Me:

I’m a believer of PLUR and you are here because you emanate that, or you are part of a subculture that is trying to protect your culture/group/society or whatever it may be. Every 3 or 4 months, my wife and I go to a music festival or powerful artist to harness the vibe with heightened senses for a few hours. I shut my phone off to stay in the moment, but also because I don’t want to worry about my data or passwords getting stolen by anyone with nefarious intentions - as I’ve noticed there sometimes may be. (To those who have ill intention or simply checking people out to see if they are cool…. I’m not perfect, but I’m no threat to you. I’m not a competitor, or a narc, or a problem, or a solution. I hope you can help me and those around us connect to the music, and elevate the infinite power of love and positivity instead of being sus or causing concern.). If you wanna talk - find Me, and message me.


*BTW, if you also received a coin, it’s a gift from my friend Palehorse:  
Keep it in your pocket as reminder to just breathe. Breathe for health, breathe for confidence, breathe for strength, breathe for focus… all you need is inside you - - - breathe.  It’s simple.  

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